Top o' the mornin' (or afternoon or evenin') to ya!

I'm a photographer and designer based in Ann Arbor, MI. Currently a senior in the University of Michigan's School of Information, I'm majoring in information, concentrating on UX design and minoring in art and design. I have always worn many hats, artistically speaking, but I consider myself first and foremost a photographer and designer.

As a photographer I shoot a wide variety of subjects, but my focus is on capturing people and moments utilizing clean compositions and natural light. I've played around with just about every artistic medium out there, but the way a photo can tell a story/moment/feeling pulls me back again and again. I'm also starting to dip my toes into the oh-so-exciting videography world - stay tuned for my upcoming debut.

As a designer I also wear quite a few hats (hats on top of hats?), including UX and visual design. Technology is exciting, but humanizing technology and making it useable is critical. No matter how pretty it might be, a product is only as good as it is usable. In terms of visual design, my style tends to be, like my photography work, clean and minimal.

Now, I've heard arguments for keeping to one area of expertise and doing it really really well, but I personally disagree with this philosophy. I believe that an interdisciplinary approach allows the various areas of my work to influence each other and thereby create outcomes I could not have realized otherwise. I believe I can be a photographer and ux designer and visual designer and fine artist, etc. all at the same time - and more importantly that I'm better off for it.

The common denominator of the entirety of my work is what it all boils down to: people. Capturing people. Designing for people. Studying people and how they think and act and live. I just really like people.

Anyway, I'd love you hear from you. Whether it be a professional inquiry or if ya just wanna recommend your favorite book, fill out the form below or send me a message on Instagram or LinkedIn.


Photos by Liz Gardella and Julie Burke. 

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