Galaxy Logo Guide

Graphic Design, Branding

As part of a graphic design course I was tasked with designing a complete logo guide for Galaxy, a sustainability organization, including logo development, color palette, free space guide, etc. 



Logo Exploration & Sketches

I started by sketching possible logo designs, iterating until I felt I had enough to move to a digital workspace. 


First iteration

The first deliverable included three possible logo designs, competitor designs as well as a color palette, created using Adobe Illustrator. 


Final Guide

The final deliverable was a full logo guide, including color variants and child logotypes. I chose this final logo design because it spoke to the essence of the organization in a subtle and minimal way, easily branded for various uses. 


Closing Thoughts

As my first logo design project, I found the process to be creatively challenging and a great deal of fun. I had to continually push myself out of my creative comfort zone, while still keeping to my personal style. I look forward to applying the skills I have gained through this project on future logo and branding designs.