Stage Design, Graphic Design, Videography, Product Design

As the design team lead, I was responsible for leading my team in creating the face of TEDxUofM. The following are samples of my personal designs and work used to promote the 2018 conference and related events.



Stage design

Initial sketches and mock-ups of possible designs. With a strict budget and limited time, the team and I were forced to get creative regarding materials and ease of implementation. 

Final stage design (light design by Cletus Karamon), created using only string, wood, a ruler and a very heavily used staple gun. 


Graphic design

A sample of visuals created for social media use to promote the 2018 conference and organization awareness.



Filmed and edited to promote the 2018 conference and gain awareness for ticket sales. The goal of this video was to get viewers thinking about the 2018 conference's theme - Black Box - and its many possible meanings.

Filmed and edited to promote final ticket sales for the 2018 conference. The team and I interviewed Sava Farah to give conference goers a sneak peek into her talk in the coming weeks.

One of the 8 conference speaker videos I edited from conference footage (filmed by Michigan Media).


Product Design

Stress balls designed for a giveaway to promote the 2018 conference.

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